FAQs For Hiring an Online Quran Tutor

Learn Quran online from various websites. Check what each one offers, choose your preferred option and pay the fee to start your classes.

Learn the Quran at home with qualified online teachers from Online Quran Tutor. Get tutoring services from anywhere in the US, UK, or Europe. Follow the simple steps on the website to book. The steps include filling out a form, calling +92 312 5353077, chatting with a representative, scheduling an appointment via WhatsApp or email. Choose a course, package, time, and pay the fee to begin your regular Quran classes. You can enjoy one week of trial classes to ensure satisfaction with your tutor.

Speak to our agents to find a Quran tutor online. Choose the one you like, ensure that you have a good internet connection, and the tutor will teach you online by sharing their screen.

Choose any device with the latest operating system for a smooth online Quran session with your tutor. No specific device type required.

At online-qurantutor.com, we guarantee the best online Quran tutors for kids and adults. Our rigorous selection process includes certifications from reputable institutes, personal interviews, and demo sessions to ensure we hire only the most qualified tutors.

Students often struggle to get the teacher’s attention in a mosque due to the large number of students. With One-to-One Quran Teaching, you get undivided attention from your Quran tutor. You will be the only student in your online Quran class, resulting in a more productive and efficient learning experience. Our students have given us highly positive feedback about our online Quran tutoring services.

Our online Quran program allows for flexibility in teacher selection. Students can participate in trial classes to assess the tutor and their tutoring method before making a decision to change tutors if needed.

To learn the Holy Quran in a mosque, you need a hard copy. For online classes, tutors share their screens with soft copy of the Holy Quran.

We value student satisfaction and regularly gather reviews to assess online Quran tutor performance. Please email any feedback to help us address any issues. Negative feedback can lead to teacher dismissal.

Teachers arriving late without informing students is a problem. We monitor teacher schedules and penalize those who are consistently late. If your Quran teacher is not on time, discuss it with them first and if it does not resolve, let us know and we will provide a new teacher.

If your online Quran teacher must take a leave, we will notify you in advance, providing you the opportunity to attend a makeup class and manage other important activities during your scheduled class time. We understand that you pay for your classes and will give you a makeup class if a lesson is missed.

At Quran Schooling, we ensure student satisfaction with our online Quran tutors. But if you ever need a change, just let us know the reason and we’ll provide a qualified substitute teacher for your online Quran tuition.

“We offer three Quran teaching online packages for affordable hiring of tutors. Packages include Starter for $35/month, Advanced for $50/month, and Family for $120/month.”

FAQs For about an Online Quran Tutor

Online Quran Tutor offers Quran teaching services for kids and adults in Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies. Our teachers are highly qualified and trained to teach Quran with Islamic manners and meanings. Visit www.online-qurantutor.com for more info.

Online Quran Tutor is a convenient and flexible e-learning platform designed for learners and teachers who want to access Quran education anytime, anywhere. The platform is developed by a committed team of experts and eliminates the need for online classrooms, making it easier for busy learners and teachers to schedule classes. It offers a range of expert Quran teachers, user-friendly interface, and a variety of courses suitable for learners of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities. With Online Quran Tutor, learners can learn at their own pace and from any location, making Quran education accessible to everyone.Visit www.online-qurantutor.com for more info.

Online Quran Tutor offers courses for non-native Arabic-speaking kids and adults. Our highly qualified Quran teachers have good English skills and Ijazah to teach. Our live tutors are trained to be Quran coaches, teaching Islamic manners and meanings. We make learning the Quran fun with activities, games, and animated Islamic stories. Visit www.online-qurantutor.com for more info.

Online Quran Tutor is a one-of-a-kind platform that stands out from the rest. The platform provides an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to learn Quran recitation from accredited scholars, all from the comfort of their homes. Its uniqueness stems from the fact that the platform offers personalized, one-on-one sessions with experienced and qualified Quran teachers who employ a range of engaging and interactive teaching techniques. Moreover, Online Quran Tutor is equipped with cutting-edge technology that ensures that students get the most out of their learning experience. The platform provides a flexible learning schedule that can be tailored to suit each individual’s needs. Online Quran Tutor is not only a great option for Muslim students but also for anyone looking to gain deep insights into Islamic teachings.

The Quranic learning age for kids is 4, but experts suggest children must be mature enough to understand its lessons. Some suggest kids can start as young as four while others recommend waiting till six to eight. Readiness and interest should be taken into account, and the decision should be made with a reliable teacher or scholar.Visit www.online-qurantutor.com for more info.

We have “Quran Tutors” who are qualified and can teach live classes. You can access them through Online Quran Tutor.

Yes, You Can Cancel Your Subscription Anytime It Is A Trial Period.

FAQs About Cost and Payment!

You don’t have to give your credit card information to anyone. Just make the payment online in a safe place.

No, you have to pay these manually every month.

Our cost is already less as compared to other academies even then you can avail a little discount if you have three or more students in a family.

You can pay with your credit card online.

You can pay with checks, money orders, Western Union, or Moneygram.

You can use your PAYPAL account to make the payment.

“We offer online Quran courses for Muslims of all ages with one-on-one classes and tailored instruction. Our courses are affordable with a low monthly fee, and we accept payment in multiple currencies. Contact us to inquire about payment options outside of USD, CAD, GBP, or AUD.”
We offer 5 monthly pricing plans for learning the Holy Quran from A to F. Class duration varies from 30 to 45 minutes, but you can customize it to your convenience. The table below shows the cost of Quran reading courses, while fees for other courses may differ slightly. We accept Paypal, credit, and debit card payments.
Get discounts for family members and siblings at our online Quran academy. Enroll the second student from the family and get a 10% discount on monthly learning charges. More discounts are available for multiple students.
You don’t need to give your credit card info for trial classes.
Our trial classes are completely free, no cost involved.
You won’t be charged more money.

Online Quran Tutor Fee Refund Policy

Online Quran Tutor’s refund policy allows for full fee refunds only during the trial period. Students who take a class after the trial period are not eligible for a refund. Different scenarios for fee refund as below;

Also, if the Online Quran Tutor not provide you the classes on your schedule time. Then we will do refund your fees or reschedule your classes.

Also, if the Online Quran Tutor not provide you the classes on your schedule time. Then we will do refund your fees or reschedule your classes.

Case 1

Students can only request a fee refund after the trial classes.

Case 2

If the Online Quran Tutor failed to provide the classes on their schedule, students can request a refund.

Case 3

If the students take one class after the trial classes they will not be able to request a refund of the fees.

Case 4

If the students can hold classes for any reason then the amount will be transferred for the next month’s classes.

Case 5

If the refund cost is more than a fee, then Online Madrasa does not offer a fee refund.

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