Pashto Language Course

Pashto is an Indo-European language spoken in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and is the official language of Afghanistan. Pashto has various dialects and has been influenced by neighbouring regions. It is also spoken by minorities in Iran, India, and the UAE. The Pashto script is based on the Perso-Arabic alphabet.

Pashto is a significant Islamic language in Afghanistan and Pakistan, commonly spoken by the Pashtuns, who constitute the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan and the second-largest in Pakistan. It acts as a medium for conveying Islamic teachings and has had a massive impact on Islamic culture in the region. Pashto is employed for writing religious texts and literature.

Learn Pashto and expand your language skills with our comprehensive course. Our program is designed for beginners and advanced learners and includes speaking, reading, and writing. Join now to connect with Pashto-speaking communities worldwide.

What you learned in the Urdu Language Course;

  • Learn The Pashto Alphabet
  • Pashto diacritics
  • Letters Forms
  • Vowels
  • The unique method of memorizing and remembering the Pashto letters
  • Basic words reading
  • Basics of grammatical rules
  • How to recognize, read, and pronounce perfectly the Pashto language
  • Read Pashto literature fluently
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