Quran Explanation/ Tafseer (Course)

The “Tafseer Quran Course” is a way to help Muslims understand the Quran better. It means explaining and interpreting the Quran in simpler terms, so people can easily understand it.

A “Tafseer” or “Tafsir” is a type of writing that explains the Quran in simple language. Its aim is to help readers understand the words of Allah by providing context, interpretation, commentary, and explanation.

Tafseer Quran is a study that uses information from different fields like language, religion, and law to understand the Quran better. It is considered the most important field of study for the Quran.

To apply Islam correctly, one must understand Allah’s guidance. To do so, one must learn the Quran tafsir, or interpretation. Without it, people cannot understand the Quran properly.

If you are a Muslim who doesn’t speak Arabic or lives in a country where not many Muslims live, Online Quran Tutor is here to help. We think it’s really important for all Muslims to study the tafsir Quran. That’s why we’ve created an online course that will help you learn.

“Online Quran Tafseer classes now available with Online Quran tutor through live one-on-one sessions.”

Our tutors can help you understand and interpret the Quran correctly. They will explain the verses and the situation they were revealed in, so you can have a deeper understanding of them.

What you learned in the Quran Explanation/ Tafseer (Course);

  • Understanding the science of Tafseer Al Quran
  • Meaning of verses word by word
  • The contextual meaning of the Word
  • Learn Islamic laws
  • Skills in scholarly writings
  • The sophistic and complicated ideas through the oral display
  • Quranic explanations in Arabic
  • Explain each and every Sura and its verses with other parts of the Quran and Hadees with references
  • Understand the commands of Allah (SWT)
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