Quran Memorization Course

Muslims should try to memorize the Quran and learn its meanings. The Quran was sent by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad. Allah said in the Quran that the message of the Quran will always be protected. Each Muslim should try to memorize the Quran and encourage their children to do the same.

Allah sent the Quran to Muslims in Arabic. Online Quran Tutor has native Arab tutors who are experts in teaching the Quran. They will help you to memorize the Quran perfectly, pronounce it correctly and understand it well.

At Online Quran Tutor, we have tutors who are experts in Quran tutoring. They are native speakers who are both male and female. Our tutors have obtained Ijazah, which is a certificate of qualification to teach the Quran. Our tutors can teach both children and adults.

Your Quran tutor will use an easy and gradual approach to help you memorize the Holy Quran. They will start with short Surahs and move on to longer ones. Your tutor will also assist with any problems you may have with memorization, Tajweed (correct pronunciation), and phonetics.

Online Quran Tutor offers kids online classes in Quran reading, Noorani Qaida, Tajweed, Islamic beliefs and practices, Surah memorization, Hadith, and Islamic prayers.

What you learned in the Quran Memorization Course;

  • Learn the  techniques of fast Hifz
  • Learn the forgetfulness types and how can you solve these problems
  • Increasing your memory abilities.
  • Quantum reading technique
  • Scan reading technique
  • Deep memorization
  • Advantages of Quran recitation by heart
  •  Importance of becoming Hafiz/Hafiza
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