Quran Recitation Course

Learn to recite the Holy Quran perfectly with certified tutors in Islamic Sharia and laws at Online Quran Tutor.

Learn correct Quran recitation following the method of the Prophet (PBUH) with this course. Begin with short Surahs and progress to longer ones, while also mastering Tajweed rules. Your teacher will provide a schedule to help improve your skills.

You will learn how to properly pronounce words from the Quran in this training. Your progress will be recorded after each lesson, so you can practice on your own.

In the Quran Recitation Course, you’ll learn:

  • Quranic Phonetics
  • Quran Recitation Techniques
  • Recitation of Short Surahs
  • Recitation of Long Surahs
  • Arabic Diacritics
  • Letters Forms
  • Intro to Tajweed Rules
  • Characteristics of the Quranic writing
  • The Tanween
  • The Shaddah
  • Hamzatul-Wassl
  • Laam At-Ta’reef
  • Rules of Stopping
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